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We offer Investments both Locally and Internationally. We make use of the Asset Management houses and their funds to construct our portfolios.

Unit Trusts

We make use of external Fund Managers who construct funds for different risk categories. This allows us to build a portfolio via building blocks.


We offer short term insurance through Santam and Mutual & Federal as well as long term insurance through Sanlam, Liberty Life and Discovery for life and disability requirements.

Living Annuities

We design, implement and monitor risk adjusted client portfolios. We advise on level of income appropriate to the client’s needs in line with market returns.

Tax and Estate Duty Planning (Wills)

We utilise services from associated accountants and legal firms to assist in the drafting of wills and any tax matters regarding our clients’ portfolios.


Optimal Financial Planning - We have more than 176 years cumulative experience.

Optimal Financial Planning - We have more than 176 years cumulative experience.

Our family practice consists of specialists in Wealth Management, Financial planning & Short Term Insurance.

As Independent Financial Planners we are able to facilitate the placing and monitoring of financial plans through a number of assurance/ investment companies depending on the needs of our clients. We continuously monitor local and global economic conditions in order to construct an investment portfolio that will preserve capital & generate returns for our clients over a meaningful period of time.

We work closely with industry role players in order to stay relevant in our quickly changing industry.

We strive to add a meaningful contribution through our services to our clients.


More than 600 satisfied clients.

More than 600 satisfied clients.

We take pride in managing our client’s investments and offering sound financial advice. Over the years we have built a steady base of loyal clients who trust us with their hard earned capital.

One of our very first clients, Barry Arnold who has been with us from the very start sums up our relationship with clients the best.

“My wife and I have been dealing with Dillon for over 20 years and were among the first of his clients when he started out on his own with Optimal Financial Planning. As far as we are concerned the advice that he has given us has been carefully considered and has, over the long term, proved to be sound with good returns on our investments. We also value highly the service from Team Hare-Bowers where nothing seems to be too much trouble when we seek information or reassurance from time to time”


We pride ourselves on ethical and confidential advice.

We pride ourselves on ethical and confidential advice.

As custodians of our clients’ investments we believe in integrity, honesty, and ethical sound advice. At Optimal Financial Planning we hold these values to the highest of standards. We are contracted with Masthead Distribution Services (Pty) Ltd. who oversee a compliance role, ensuring that all the documentation provided to our clients is always in line with industry standards. We are affiliated with the FPI (Financial Planning Institute) who hold us to a code of ethical standards and practices.

The 6 Step Financial Planning Process

Establishing a Professional Relationship

Gathering Data, Including Goals

Analysing Your Financial Status

Developing Financial Recommendations

Implementing The Financial Plan

Monitoring Financial Recommendations

Establishing a Professional Relationship

The initial contact is dedicated to establishing a clear understanding of the client’s immediate needs and/or concerns as well as providing a firm grasp of what services we provide.

Gathering Data, Including Goals

Having clear goals and providing accurate financial information is pivotal in ensuring a meaning financial plan. We mutually define personal and financial goals, understand time frame for results and discuss, if relevant, how the client feels about risk.

Analysing & Evaluating Your Financial Status

With clear goals set and financial information at hand, we are able to “draw a line in the sand” and establish where our clients are in relation to their goals. Depending on what services are asked for, this could include analysing assets, liabilities and cash flow, current insurance coverage, investments or tax strategies.

Developing and Presenting Financial Planning Recommendations and/or Alternatives

Once the financial information has been analysed, we guide our client through the various financial decisions available and make recommendations accordingly. The outcome is to ensure that there is a plan to take the client forward with confidence and provide certainty regarding the clients financial future.

Implementing The Financial Planning Recommendations

We should agree on how the recommendations will be carried out. We may carry out the recommendations or serve as the client’s “coach,” co-ordinating the whole process with the client and other professionals such as attorneys and associated accountants.

Monitoring The Financial Planning Recommendations

We should agree on who will monitor the progress towards the goals. It is important that the plan and any financial solutions that were implemented are reviewed on at least an annual basis. This is done to ensure that the plan remains relevant and meaningful in light of any changes in personal or financial circumstances.

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